Develop Your Own Flag – Color Matters

Challenge: Overcoming customer apathy and creating awareness.

Lesson: Raise your flag – Pick a bright color and wave it proudly.

Challenge: Overcoming customer apathy and creating awareness.

Companies frequently underestimate the impact of their color palette in their marketing campaigns. One of the greatest challenges faced by early stage ventures is gaining awareness while competing against much more well established companies.

Color can play a key role in developing as association with this nascent brand. Stay away from bland or colors that blend in to the background. You need your company to stand out. Not everyone will like a bright color – but they will remember it. Great examples include ShoreTel (deer hunting orange) and Extreme Networks (purple turned into a rallying cry for programs).

Color has a visceral effect on people and will make the subsequent programs more memorable. More established players will be afraid that bright colors may turn off some prospects. Use this to your advantage to take the road less traveled. Select a bright color and display it prominently on your website, in your advertisements, at your tradeshows and throughout your other communications. Get this color closely associated with your brand – so the public knows when they see your solution. You will look larger and more established – a key value when competing against larger competitors.

Lesson: Raise your flag – Pick a bright color and wave it proudly.


Author: Larry Stein at TechMarketingStrategies

For the last 20 years, I have led demand generation teams supporting high growth technology companies. Now working as an independent consultant, my responsibility is to apply best practices in the creation of these programs. My goal is to enable marketing teams to become self sufficient with a data driven culture of KPI's, test and measurement in service of achieving company revenue targets. My approach is to work with senior management identifying objectives and wildly important goals. With these in mind, we work together to build programs, processes and systems that will reach these goals along with the measurement KPI's to evaluate progress. Along the way we will enable the team to manage and maintain these systems so achieving these goals becomes a natural cadence of the marketing organization.

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